Tantra Meditation Retreat

Root and Flowering of ShivaShakti
– Tantra retreat in Khajuraho, India –




6days Tantra Meditation Retreat

Date: 5 Feb – 10Feb, 2018
Daily Schedule:
  • Early morning: Meditation at the Western temple
  • Breakfast
  • AM session at meditation hall in the hotel
  • lunch
  • PM session at meditation hall in the hotel, evening walk,,,,
  • dinner
  • night session at meditation hall in the hotel
This is basic schedule, it can be changed at any moment.
*The retreat starts the morning of 5-Feb with meditation, you are expected to reach the hotel by the evening of 4-Feb. The retreat finishes in theevening of 10-Feb.

In this course, we will cover these faculties.

  • Exploring how Tantra is different from another systems/schools(Zen, Sufi, Yoga,,,) for finding the truth, where Tantra differs from them in what points.
  • Vigyan Bhairav Tantra(VBT)- faculties of 112 techniques: finding the techniques that are suitable for you through experimenting and exploring them.
  • Why Osho is emphasis on going Khajuraho and stay there for 45days ( Osho visited more than 100 times.)
  • Practicing VBT meditation techniques, alone and with the partner.
  • Difference between so called ordinary sex and tantric sex.
  • History of Tantra(root of origin, where it has been distorted), analytical of Tantra, How Tantra works for modern men- old techniques to fit to us.
  • Flowering is future of Tantra, as Tantrik how many mistakes you can do, with mistakes membership cut off
  • Understanding the vision of ShivaShakti.


♡Prem Mita, Psychic Massage Therapist

It is almost impossible to describe how I feel. I can easily disappear here and feel that I am everywhere.

The air of Khajuraho is wonderful….I am so happy to come here.

♡Deva Priya, Vivir Ahora Community Guest House management

I experienced silence and joy being friends around together at the same time.
Lots of expectations and questions had naturally disappeared by coming here. I have just connected myself feeling the energy of temples in the heart.I felt that I am this temple itself and can connect this space within all the time. The great understanding on this journey was that I can be relaxed in life and it’s okay to feel like that.

 For more details, please contact us at shivashaktimeeting@gmail.com