Meditation Training

Meditation Training in Rishikesh, India with Uttam & Toshan

〜The invitation for the inner journey at the bank of Ganges River〜

Date: 31 October – 7 November, 2016

Place : Osho Gangadham Center


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This mediation training is a completely unique and original program designed for those who would love to enjoy and deepen their meditation, and to understand its science that enable us to go into the inner journey. It consists in three parts.

Part 1 : 3days

31 Oct – 2 Nov

Deprogramming and cleaning the rubbish




The conditioning is what we meet when starting mediation. However, we often get confused because we are not sure what the conditioning is, and what your own truth is.

We have been brought up to absorb the words and teachings from parents, teachers, priests, and society as a survival strategy, and we are not aware that those were coming from the ignorance because they are coming one’s unconsciousness. This belief system penetrates deeply into our bodymind system and we live our lives based on it.

What happens then we get frustrated, confused, exhausted, and lost ourselves not knowing what the true meaning of life and what we can rely on in life. Furthermore, it can bring you doubts and more confusion towards the meditation itself.


We are going to experience the cleaning process of our belief system and all the rubbish we have accumulated in our whole life. Our mother Ganga river will continuously support our cleansing process 24hours where is located in front of Osho Gangadham Center we will stay.






The mother Ganges supports our cleaning process for 24hours.

The venue is located 4-5 km up to the mountain from Lakshman Jhula. The water is clean with beautiful emerald green color. You can dip yourself in the river everyday.

The training includes Osho Active Meditations, guided meditation, hypnosis meditation, dancing, breathing, family constellation, tarot cards, chanting mantras… and more depending on the energy of people join.




Part 2 : 3days

3 Nov – 5 Nov

ABC of spiritually and joy of the meditation


Once the rubbish are washed and cleansed, we will have space inside for the first time.

It is called emptiness, or can be called silent space. The more deepen our meditation go, the more expansion its space. When our inner space become available for the divine energy to descending from the universe, we are going back to the opposite direction again out of fear its space within. In spite of your all investments to the groups or the seminars, we start throwing the rubbishes into its empty space again. This happens because we are not learning what can support this silent space when it’s start happening in us.


In this 3days, we learn the science of meditation from the basic foundation that supports our inner search, which can include some questions you are no longer able to ask anyone.

Also we will deepen our understanding about the mediation techniques of each Osho active meditations together with the wisdom of India and historical background of mediations. With this understanding we practice meditation techniques that might bring you a deepest experience ever or you may get a knot of it.


We pursue for interesting themes for advanced meditators as well as the beginners. The key is if you are interested in experiencing meditation and understand its science fully.







In this 7 days , we start the day with Dynamic mediation and


Kundalini mediation in the evening and evening meeting will be the end of the day.

We will have time for night sessions or sharing.

Part 3 : 2days

6 Nov – 7 Nov

Spiritual Tour for meditators


In the last 2days of this meditation training, we go on a sacred pilgrimage tour around Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is one of ancient city in North India and is known as the entrance for Himalaya. It deepens your experiences and understanding what you have gone through in part 1&2 and at the same time we will let the meditative vibe to penetrate into all levels of our body system. The vibe is that you can receive from this land of Rishikesh, where has been continuously having the seekers of the truth for thousands of years.


We will visit temples and secret places where ordinary tourists can never know. In such places, you can reach only when “invited”.


It is the 2days sharing experiences with Uttam and Toshan who have been traveling together for years.

The sacred place is not the place you can reach anytime if you want. The passage won’t be provided unless your inner readiness is confirmed even you want.

And if you can reach there, you won’t be able to aware of its energy when the grace is showering on you because you don’t have enough sensitivity to sense. This sensitivity opens and develops in meditation.

After spending an intense deep 7days, this 2 days trip will be an initiation for the seekers.



Meditation Training in Rishikesh, India with Uttam & Toshan

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Date: 31October – 7 November, 2016

Place : Osho Gangadham Center




Uttam & Toshan



Basic schedule



30 October

Arriving at OSHO Gangadham Center

An orientation gathering. You are expected to arrive by the evening.


31 October 〜 2 November

Part 1 :

Deprogramming and cleaning the rubbish


 3 November 〜 5 November 

Part 2:

ABC of spiritually and joy of the meditation


 6 November 〜 7 November

Spiritual Tour for meditators